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Product characteristics

Strengthen insulation


Imitation ABB-type ring main unit

Structural features

· This switch cabinet adopts the SFG-12 load switch series produced by ABB company as the upper unit.

· This ring network cabinet consists of busbar room, load switch room (or circuit breaker room), cable room, operating mechanism, interlocking mechanism and low voltage control room, as well as measurement or metering loop and other components. Each compartment is separated by steel plate, which can avoid the trouble to affect the adjacent room.

· The switch cabinet is small in size, reliable in performance and easy to expand.

· Busbar room

The busbar room is arranged in the upper part of the cabinet, and the main busbar line is connected together in the busbar room, which runs through the whole line of switchgear cabinets, and the busbar is arranged horizontally. It is easy to expand.

· Main switch room

Load switch room

The switch room is equipped with a three-position load switch. The outer shell of the load switch is made of epoxy resin, filled with SF6 gas as arc extinguishing and insulating medium, and two transparent hot-pressed plastic end caps are arranged at the end of the operating shaft. Through it the contact position can be observed. Switch room can be installed according to user requirements SF6 gas pressure gauge.

Circuit breaker chamber

The circuit breaker chamber is located in the lower part of the cabinet and can be fitted with special vacuum circuit breaker according to the needs of the user. Its capacity can meet the normal switching on and off and the branch network operation and the breaking of the short circuit current under special circumstances.

· Cable room 

The cable room is mainly used for cable connection, so that the single core or three-core cable can be connected with the simplest unshielded cable head. At the same time, ample space can also accommodate elements such as arresters, current transformers, earthing switches and so on. According to the standard design, cabinet door has observation windows and safety interlocking devices. Cable chamber bottom plate is equipped with sealing cover and cable clamp of appropriate size support frame. The door frame of the bottom panel of the cable chamber can be removed for easy cable installation.

· Operating mechanism, interlocking mechanism and low voltage control room


The low-voltage chamber with interlocking also acts as a control screen. The low-voltage chamber is equipped with a spring operating mechanism and a position indicator and a mechanical interlocking device. It can also be equipped with auxiliary contacts, trip coils, emergency trip mechanisms, capacitive live display devices, key locks and electric operating devices. At the same time, the low-voltage room space can also be equipped with control loops, measuring instruments and protection relays.

Ordering instruction

The following technical information shall be provided when ordering switchgear:

· Main circuit scheme number, application and single line system diagram, rated voltage, rated current, rated short circuit breaking current, distribution gold plane layout and arrangement diagram of switchgear, etc.

· Switch sets the requirements for control, measurement and protection functions and other requirements for interlocking and automatic devices.

· The model, specification and quantity of the main electrical components in the switchgear.

· If bus-bridge connection is required between switchgear or incoming cabinet, specific data should be provided, such as the rated load current of the busbar bridge, the span of the busbar bridge, and the height from the ground.

· When the switchgear is used in special environmental conditions, it should be explained in detail when ordering.

· Other special requirements.

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