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Outdoor prefabricated substation (European)/box substation

Functions and characteristics

1.High-voltage switchgear, transformers, low-voltage switchgear trinity, complete sets of strong;

2.High and low voltage protection is perfect, operation is safe and reliable, and maintenance is simple.

3.Less land occupation, less investment, short production cycle and convenient movement;

4.The connection scheme is flexible and diverse;

5.Unique structure: unique honeycomb structure double layer (composite plate) shell firm, heat insulation and heat ventilation, beautiful appearance, high protection grade, shell materials are stainless steel titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, cold rolled plate, color steel plate optional;

6.Various types: general type, villa type, compact type and other styles;

7.Assemblable network automation terminal in high voltage ring cabinets (FTU) realizes the reliable detection of short-circuit and single-phase grounding faults, and has the function of “four remotes”, which is convenient for the automatic upgrading of distribution network.


Widely used in urban power grid transformation, residential quarters, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining, hotels, shopping malls, airports, railways, oil fields, wharves, highways and temporary electricity facilities and other indoor and outdoor places.

High-pressure side

Intelligent integrated substation high voltage generally adopts load switch-fuse combination electrical protection, fuse after one-phase fused, three-phase linkage release, load switch pressure-gas type, vacuum, sulfur hexafluoride and other types can be optional, can be equipped with electric operating mechanism, The fuses are high voltage current limiting fuses with impingers, which are reliable in operation and large in breaking capacity. The main technical parameters are shown in the table below. For transformers above 800kVA, TZN12, TZN28, TVS1 and other vacuum circuit breaker protection can be selected.

Low-pressure side

The main switch on the low voltage side adopts universal or intelligent circuit breaker with selective protection; the outlet switch adopts a new type of plastic shell type switch with small volume, short arc flying and up to 30 circuits; intelligent automatic tracking and reactive power compensation device, There are contactors and contactless two ways to switch for users to choose.


Intelligent integrated substations are equipped with low loss, oil immersion, fully sealed TS9,TS10,TS11 series transformers, Also can choose resin insulation or NOMEX paper insulation environmental protection type dry type transformer. The bottom can be equipped with trolleys, and the transformers can easily enter and exit.

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