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Intelligent demarcation switch controller (feeder terminal unit) of TF series is a distribution network automation terminal product developed for switches on medium voltage (10KV) columns. It is a new type of feeder remote terminal equipment based on the latest development requirements of distribution network automation, computer technology, digital signal processing technology and power grid fault detection technology. Its design, manufacture and testing fully adopt international IEC standards and relevant national standards. It can provide the data required for the operation control and management of the distribution system of the medium voltage 10KV feeder main station, and perform the control of the power distribution equipment given by the main station to achieve the functions of 10KV feeder automation. And it can realize all-round monitoring of cable dividing room, ring main unit, sub-section post, box transformer power distribution room, substation, water supply plant area, sewage plant area, gas and other places, and is widely used in various distribution places like substation, industrial and mining enterprises, urban power distribution, urban distribution network and rural distribution network.
This controller has “Three Teles” functions (telesignalization, telemetry and telecontrol), and also has the ability to get fault signals (interphase short circuit, one-phase ground, etc.). Combined with primary switch (circuit breaker, load switch, recloser, etc.), and cooperated with the power distribution (cell) master station network, it can achieve 10KV feeder fault diagnosis, fault section isolation, network reconstruction and normal power supply in non-faulty sections.
Main function (standard):
“Three Teles” functions: telesignalization, telemetry, telecontrol
Protective function: overcurrent protection, instantaneous overcurrent protection, limiting time quick-acting relay, zero-sequence protection, surge protectors, definite time protection, block current protection
Communication function: 101 Balanced Protocols, RS232 interface
Reclosing function: acceleration and blocking after reclosing
Other functions: real-time clock, event recorder, spring mechanism
Other configuration (optional): anti-time protection, synthetic zero sequence protection, SOG zero sequence direction, measurement function,
wireless remote control, Dual PT power supply, Self-supplying CT power supply, electronic transformer, accumulator, super-capacitor, permanent magnetic modulator, electromagnetic distribution mechanism, 101 unbalanced protocol, 104 protocol, mobile phone APP, RG485 interface, GSM short message, GPRS communication, CDMA communication, 1 or 2 Ethernet interfaces, optical fiber communication, carrier communication, communication encryption, remote control encryption, line loss module, wave-recorded function., etc.
1)The operating environment is suitable for -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C;
2)The device includes control, monitor, signal, communication, measurement, event record, fault diagnosis, protection, segmentation automation and other functions;
3)Simple execution and operation mechanism, intuitive interface, flexible set point, humanization design, cost effectiveness;
4)The equipment has the characteristics of strong weather resistance and anti – condensation has the structural features of small size and light weight;
5)Connected to the primary switch by aviation connectors (convenient and flexible connection, good connection reliability and high degree of protection). Enclosure protection class reaches to IP67 (bell – type), IP54 (box – type),IP55 (cabinet – type);
6)All equipments adopt industrial grade components, all connections to the outside world are fully electrically isolated with built-in surge protection circuit and power supply filter, using professional EMC design;
7)Providing a variety of man-machine interface operation mode for users to choose. The device supports multiple channels, multiple motion protocols run simultaneously, and each channel can be flexibly configured;
8)Multiple power supply design, flexible opening and closing, energy storage voltage configuration;
9)The device adopts 32-bit industrial-grade high-performance DSP digital signal processor, with powerful processing capability, paralleling data acquisition and data processing functions and ensuring the accuracy and stability of system;
10)The device adopts a modular system structure, and the performance is stable and reliable, adding functions and software upgrades are convenient.
4.Model Description
TF – 1200
T: enterprise code (TENPRO Power Technology)
F: feeder terminal unit (FTU)
0/1/2: bell – type/box – type/cabinet – type
0/1/2: knob – type/dial – code – type/ LCD – type
00: subdivision integrated code
5. Product Example Photos

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