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This product adopts vacuum interrupter, air insulation, and electric spring operating mechanism, which makes the product have strong arc-extinguishing ability, high number of short circuit breaks, no danger of fire and explosion, convenient operation. It is a product with excellent performance and strong practicability.
The overall structure adopts three-phase common box type, the casing in and out line, and the inside of the box is dry air. The electric spring operating mechanism is arranged on the side of the box body, which can be reliably used under harsh environmental conditions.
The vacuum interrupter adopts ceramic shell, cup-shaped longitudinal magnetic field contact structure and copper-chromium contact material, which has excellent breaking and closing short-flow capability.
The product is small in size, light in weight and beautiful in appearance. The vacuum interrupter and the insulating support sleeve are compact in design, and the outlet conductive rod is externally coated with silicone rubber to adapt to harsh weather conditions and dirty environments.
TZW 8-12 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is an AC 50Hz three-phase power system, which is mainly used to break and close the load current, no-load current and short-circuit current of 10KV power grid in urban areas. It can also be used as a sub-switch for rural power grid and small power system. It is a new generation of oil-free products for urban and rural networks.
Product model implication
TZW8-12 / 630-20
T: enterprise code (TENPRO Power Technology)
Z: vacuum circuit breaker
W: outdoor
8: design serial number
12: nominal voltage (KV)
630: rated current (A)
20: short circuit breaking current (KA)
Main technical parameters

External mounting dimension

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