Congratulations on Successful Acquisition of Type Inspection Certificate and Inspection Report of Our Company

On September 6, the Experimental Verification Center of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute announced the certificate and inspection report of the type inspection of power automation products of TENPRO Power Technology Co., Ltd.!

In order to further standardize the production process, effectively control risks, and improve production standards, our company began a model inspection of various power automation products in 2018 from a strategic perspective, and successfully passed the certification and audit of the National Network Electric Power Research Institute Experimental Verification Center.
The audit team inspected the sampled products, drawings, calculation books, etc. through product sampling, design data review and type inspection. After a rigorous review, the auditing experts unanimously passed the registration requirements of our products, and officially issued a series of certificates and inspection reports on September 6, 2018.

The acquisition of the type inspection certificate and inspection report of the power automation product proves the strength of our company and it is a spur to the future growth of our company. In the future work, our company will continue to produce power products in strict accordance with national standards, further optimize and improve product quality, continuously innovate products with better performance, and actively explore and make efforts to make enterprises’ innovative production work rise to new heights. Comprehensive scientific innovation lays the foundation for high-quality products and services for the security industry!

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