Discussion on the price and selection of nylon ties

The price of nylon strap varies greatly, and it is the same as the ordinary 2.5*100MM strap. The high price is above 0.02 yuan and the low price is 0.005 yuan. Why is the price difference so large? Because each enterprise’s production cost is different, quality is different, natural price is different. The cost of the tape is actually very simple, because its production process is simple: injection molding, humidification, packaging can.

Why this difference?

1. Raw material cost: raw material cost is the main cost, accounting for more than 50% of the total cost. Therefore, the price of raw materials is very important. However, the materials used by everyone in the nylon tie belt are different. At the low end, domestic huafeng is widely used, while at the higher end, shounoo is used, while at the higher end, dupont and other toughening or high-temperature resistant materials are used. The prices vary greatly.

2. Manufacturing costs: the manufacturing costs are basically the same, but the depreciation of the molds will be larger in the labor costs and equipment of the enterprises with standardized management. Because the inner quality of the strap cannot be well judged by its appearance, it needs laboratory test to find out its quality.

To have certain quality requirement, choose the manufacturer of standard and a bit reputation, or the enterprise cooperation that obtains well-known manufacturer approbate, have certain guarantee to product quality so. If is only the general bundle, may request the low quality product.

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