TENPRO Investing in the Introduction of Automatic Equipment to Produce Stainless Steel Straps

TENPRO ELEC-POWER SCI-TECH LLC is a professional enterprise that develops and produces all kinds of power automation products. The company has occupied the market with rich product types and strict quality control, and wins wide reputation.

The company continuously enhances R&D and production capacity through automated production lines, realizes a technology-intensive production mode of one person, one machine or even more machines, reduces manual input, stabilizes production quality, and improves production efficiency. Ye Jianrong said: “We mainly use our own technological advantages. Our core competitiveness is fully automatic production. Through this production method, we have achieved less people and more machinery, which greatly improved labor productivity.” In order to meet the market demand, the company not only increased the investment in automatic production equipment, but also worked hard on product R&D and design, and constantly sought innovative breakthroughs in style and function.

Stainless steel strap is a main product of TENPRO. The company mainly produces stainless steel strap tightening tool and stainless steel straps of steel ball self-locking type, plastics-sprayed type, tooth-locking type, L-locking type, panel type, and primary color type. Various types of stainless steel strapping have their own characteristics and uses. The company can customize all kinds of stainless steel equipment according to the requirements of customers with short time and high quality.

For the future development direction, TENPRO has a clear plan, one step at a time, and a new step every year. In the days to come, TENPRO will continue to expand its scale and develop new products to conform to the ever-changing corporate image.

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