TGN24-12D series Indoor high voltage isolation switch


TGN24-12, TGN24-12DC series indoor high voltage isolation switch are used for rated voltage 10 kV, three-phase AC 50 Hz indoor devices.

Structural forms:

a、TGN24-12D (I,II) Q-type isolating switch is a dynamic (or static) contact side ground type; the main knife and the grounding knife are combined in a whole frame with the type I for the left operation and the type II for the right operation; Q-type is a full-service product, and a live display device can be attached according to the user’s order.

b、TGN24-12DC type isolating switch is grounded on both sides of the moving and static contact, and the moving (or static) contact side can be changed to the wall bushing; (or both sides use the wall bushing) the main knife and the two sets of grounding knives are combined on the same frame. One set of grounding knives can be operated separately or with one mechanism at the same time.

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