TT Intelligent transformer terminal unit

TT intelligent transformer terminal unit (TTU) is a new generation of distribution remote terminal developed by our company that integrates the sampling of alternative and direct current, the measuring of electric energy, the monitoring of power quality, the controlling of reactive power compensation, the sampling of switching value, remote control, the monitoring of abnormal electrical parameter and the collecting of energy meter data. The product adopts a series of advanced microelectronics technology and the latest electronic components, using modern communication technology, supporting and adopting GPRS public wireless communication network technology and a variety of remote communication, which can realize the functions of automatic meter reading and real – time monitoring of three-phase voltage, current, power factor, harmonic and other operational data of the power grid. It can accomplishing the real-time monitoring, data analysis, report form processing and other comprehensive management of the entire distribution line, providing the first – hand reliable data for the scientific management of low-voltage distribution lines. It is a terminal product with high practical value in the electric power marketing measuring automotive system. It is an ideal product for implementing automation of distribution network, safely operatiing of power distribution equipment, and improving service quality and management level of power distribution system. This product is suitable for various types of urban power grids, rural power grids and enterprise power grids in low-voltage distribution networks.
Main function (standard):
1)Data acquisition and calculation: analog acquisition, status data acquisition, data processing;
2)Communication: communicating with the master station;
3)Real-time data display: distribution transform various AC power values, distribution transform wastage, capacitance switching status, switch status, system parameter;
4)Monitoring of abnormal operation parameter: overvoltage, undervoltage, current spillage, zero sequence current spillage, low power factor;
5)Monitoring of abnormal operation condition: loss of phase, loss of phase of voltage and current negative phase sequence, electric energy meter stops to go or goes fast, loop reverse phase sequence, loop reverse polarity, circuit disconnection, etc.
6)Other configuration (optional): harmonic monitoring, reactive compensation, adjusting three-phase unbalanced situation, communication cascading and relaying, infrared control.
3.Model Description
TT – 100
T: enterprise code (TENPRO Power Technology)
T: transforming terminal unit (TTU)
1: first generation
00: subdivision integrated code

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